Bubo Damen

Treasurer Bubo Damen has been active for many years as producer and director in the world of theater, film, music, opera and television. He is currently Business Director / General Administrator of Opera Trionfo, a Dutch opera company that recently produced a very successful ‘ Owen Wingrave‘ by Benjamin Britten. Mr. Damen is co-director of Trionfo together with Dutch Stage Director Floris Visser. During the last 15 years Trionfo has offered many young opera singers an opportunity to sing  their first main roles in quality productions with orchestra and important conductors.

Bubo Damen has been producer of cultural festivals, handling all or any of the artistic, organisational and financial aspects. He has a broad experience with festivals set up with international partners. His focus is nowadays on festivals that consist of a variety of music (classical and ‘world’), art, film, theater. Furthermore Damen is producer of singular performing arts projects like opera and other music performances, also abroad. He has also produced and directed flms, but nowadays does that only occasionally.

Bubo’s specialties:

Festival program development • projects with multiple partners • international partnering • intercultural projects • fund raising.