Collaboration between all parties involved in working with young singers will be actively promoted by our Foundation.

In the past years we have build partnerships with the Canadian Program ‘Les Jeunes Ambassadeurs Lyrique’ (organized by Alain Nonat of the Théatre Lyrichorégra in Montreal), the Marmande International Voice Competition in France (Director Philippe Mestres) and l’Academie de la Roche d’Hys in France (directors Jeanette & Howard Aster). Joint projects have also been organized with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Hochschule für Musik in Basel, Switzerland.

Hans Nieuwenhuis has presented our plans to an extensive range of general or artistic directors of opera companies in the USA (Metropolitan NY, San Francisco Opera), Canada (Canadian Opera, Pacific Opera Victoria, Vancouver Opera), Germany (Neurenberg, Darmstadt a.o), Austria (Linz, Vienna), France, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands. Most companies have reacted very positive.