Advice and support for singers

The Orfeo Foundation advises and supports exceptional young opera talent. Singers, but also conductors, accompanists and stage directors, selected by the foundation will receive career support, and will be assisted in their preparation for auditions and other presentations. Board members Hans Nieuwenhuis and Richard Harrell have an extensive network in the international opera world and participate in many juries for international competitions. Through this network Orfeo singers will be introduced to opera companies, opera studios, agencies and opera concert producers mainly in Europebut also in  the United States, Canada and sometimes Asia. Special attention is given to the audition circuit in the German Speaking Countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) 

The selected Orfeo singers may apply for financial help, but such help is always connected to career advice, coaching and audition preparation. Financial help is not given in cash: the singer may be reimbursed by the foundation for travel and audition expenses, lessons and other expenses directly related to the professional promotion of the singer. The singer may be assisted in the creation of professional video material for YouTube, FaceBook or other internet platforms that might effectively promote the singer.

Financial support will only be given upon presentation of an official receipt. Singers applying for financial support may have to present the General Administrator of the Foundation appropriate information about their financial situation and current income.